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EQUINOXE bookshelf - 1970 EQUINOXE- bibliothèque 

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EQUINOXE – bookshelf
Design by Richard LAURET – 1970

A timeless vintage in the best high range places, Drouot Montaigne,
Artcurial, Rago Arts & Auction Center.

In the seventies Richard Lauret is then student at the ENSAAMA of Paris, in the workshops of Serge Mouille, Roger Landault, Volti & Goetz.

Stainless steel tubes polished mirror, intersected. Sponsor Vallourec.
Ends ebony of Macassar.

H 1,90 m x L 1,60 m x 0,52 m

The first specimen is a bespoke design for a private.
It is completed with a coffee table, smoked glass tray.

This first bookshelf is signed on the metal on the side, lower part,
manufactured under the direction of Serge Mouille.
Then, crafted, promoted and sold with about ten specimens by the company Premium Avenue Matigon in Paris.

In 2003 the first model is entrusted to Alan for a sale at Drouot Montaigne.
The sale Archéologie du Futur, organized by MASSOLPARIS 8,
takes place on June 6th, 2003.

It is not sold but remain exposed a few times at ALAN
who seems to have sold it in the US where we lost it.

A second piece is sold at ARTCURIAL a few years later.

About 10 copies were manufactured.

EQUINOXE- bibliothèque - © Lauret StudioEQUINOXE- JOUR DE FRANCE - © Lauret Studio


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