Lauret Studio proposes,
with all the impassioned of exception,
professionals and privates,
an exclusive silverware,
a poetic and sensual escape,
the timeless harmony
of esthetics and French elegance.

As manager of a small company of edition
in a sector as difficult as that of silverware,
it seems to me essential to pledge
in favour of the creativity,
to offer products
very far from overconsumption,
of the disposable.
High range, durable products,
with strong identity.
Products with a heart.

Another engagement,
in favour of inheritance,
innovation and excellence.
Modestly, take part to promote,
maintain and transmit some know-how,
true art professions.
Timeless one, of those which contribute
to the worldwide influence of our culture,
of a certain lifestyle.

My artists.
Richard Lauret, artist/designer,
for whom I set up the company.
Today he opens more largely his universe
with indoor outdoor designs,
furniture, lighting, sculptures.
Jean-Charles Maïna, Christian Jaccard,
both sculptors.
Biographies in addition.

My partners.
All of them small craftsmen.
EPV, “Entreprise Patrimoine Vivant ».
French label of excellence.
Especially “my” silversmiths,
graduated from the Ecole Boulle,
one of them MOF
“Meilleur Ouvrier de France”.

Far more than just silverware,
our collections are the fruit of encounters
between men and women of passion.
Artists and craftsmen of great talents.
Without them, without your trust,
nothing would be possible.
So, I would like to thank all of them, all of you.

Please, feel free to reach me
for further more details that you could need,
discover and visit our Studio near Paris,
by appointment only,
request a pdf brochure, a price list,
a proforma invoice, order our silverware.

I remain very cordially and wish you all the best.

Christine Lauret
Founder & General Manager