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BAMBOU - Individual cutlery Design Bambou by Richard Lauret. Silver-plated or gold plated individual &  

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BAMBOU, emblematic design
by Richard LAURET since the Nineties.
Never denied success.

The choice of the Vila Treville in Positano / Italy

Timeless, elegant, ergonomic.
We never tire of Bambou.

Our best collection over the time
includes all individual and serving pieces
so than table accessories as butterdish,
egg cup, salt & pepper set, napkin ring,
knife rest, cork screw, bottle opener,
ice cube spoon,
decoration table, caviar bowls,
jugs and vodka glass, cooler, warmer,
vases, service tray, letter opener…

Bespoke design upon request in regard to
your needs, wishes…

The individual cutlery includes
diner spoon, fork and knife so than steak knife.
Dessert spoon, fork and knife.
Cake fork, tea coffee spoon, moka spoon,
fish fork and knife, sauce spoon,
oyster fork, oyster opener,

Silver-plated bronze, +- 42 microns,
washdisher safe
Silver-plated bronze, +- 42 microns,
plus 3 microns gold-plated. Hand wash

Tailor-made production.

To buy directly from us.

Feel free to reach the Studio for further more details
catalogue pdf, price list, quotations, order…

Contact Christine
M. 00 33 6 27 92 19 80

We would love to hear from you.

Design Bambou by Richard Lauret. Silver-plated or gold plated individual &  - © Lauret StudioBambou design by Richard Lauret. Silver plated or gold plated individual an - © Lauret StudioBambou, design Richard Lauret, moka spoon, individual and serving cutlery,  - © Lauret StudioBambou, design Richard Lauret, table accessories, silver plated or gold pla - © Lauret StudioBAMBOU - Butterdish, egg cup, knife rest, spreader, napkin ring  - © Lauret Studio


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