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BAMBOU - INDIVIDUAL PIECES BAMBOU - Butterdish, egg cup, knife rest, spreader, napkin ring  

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BAMBOU, emblematic design
of Richard LAURET
for silversmith ROUX-MARQUIAND
in the Nineties.
Immediate success, ever contradicted.

Timeless, elegant, ergonomic.
Our best collection over the time.

The table accessories
has been optimized so that
the collection gains in transversality,
modernity and quality.

Single pieces, serving pieces,
peaks, olives spoons, oyster opener…

Table accessories
butterdish, egg cup, salt & pepper set, napkin ring,
knife rest, decoration table/caviar bowls,
jugs and vodka glass, vases, service tray

Silver-plated bronze, +- 42 microns, washdisher safe
Silver-plated bronze, +- 42 microns, plus 3 microns gold-plated. Hand wash

Price list, quotations upon request.

BAMBOU - Butterdish, egg cup, knife rest, spreader, napkin ring  - © Lauret StudioDinner fork spoon & knife - © Lauret StudioBAMBOU - Steack knife and dinner fork - © Lauret StudioFish fork and knife - © Lauret StudioIndividual olive spoon - © Lauret Studio


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